Diary of a Single Girl: What I learned About Being Single on Tax Day

Yesterday was tax day (well by the time I post this it probably was a few days ago). And well that got me to thinking, so I hit up good ol’ Google which solves a lot of the worlds problems and I typed in “difference in tax rates among married and single people.”

Well talk about salt on a wound, basically what I learned was single people pay more. And the government is set up this way intentionally to encourage marriage. which I want to say to the government “Get off my back, I am trying.”

But, really am I trying?

The answer is no, not really. Earlier this year I swore off on-line dating because I had encountered my share of creepers and I was just over it. Beside if I was trusting God to bring my Adam, I didn't need any dating site, God was going to bring him to me...right?
But then this whole tax day thing got me to thinking. FedEx isn't going drop him off at my doorstep. They just won’t. And not only because the packaging is expensive, but I’m pretty sure that shipping a human man would fall under the statute of human trafficking.

Anyway, I’m reading a great book by Mark Batterson called Draw the Circle; The 40 Day Prayer Challenge and in it Mark talks about how we need to “work like it depends on us, but pray like it depends on God.” In most areas of my life I would say that I’m pretty good at the working part and could probably do better in the prayer part but when it comes to my future spouse I’m zero for two. I mean is use to do both, to the point that marriage had become an idol, but that's a whole other blog post in its self. Anyway I prayed about it and gave my singleness to God...fast forward to present time and now I have gone from one xterm to another, I don’t do anything (big issue) and I don’t pray about it (arguably bigger issue).

My friend you (and by you I mean we) have to stop watching Netflix on Friday nights, get off our butts and get out into the world. Now I’m not saying that as Christian single women we should be prowling the bars on Friday nights looking for men ….NO don’t do that! But I am saying there has to be something in between online dating and bar prowling and sitting home doing nothing.

I just don’t know what that middle ground is. I mean I realize that as Christians we need to wait on God and he will write our love story but unless I get a social life and start getting out of the house God  will need to bring him to my front door, my church, or my job.

What do you think? As Christians do we just sit back and wait for God to bring our spouse or do we have some responsibility to get out and meet people?