Baby I'm Back

If you stopped by anytime in the last year you may have noticed that I sort of abandoned my blog. Life got hectic, things started happening and my blog fell to the bottom of my long list of priorities.  For me blogging was my ministry, it was my way of sharing my heart with those who stopped by to read my thoughts. Just as much, it has been a ministry to myself, as I write I learn more and more about who Saprina is and I hope along the way I manage to touch, inspire, motivate someone else. So, it makes me sad to think that I allowed life to get in the way of what I feel God has called me to do.

“How can we be faithful over much if we fail to be faithful over little”
Over the last year so much has happened. I've grown, changed and matured in ways I never imagined or even thought I needed. My prayer is that the lessons I’ve learned over this last year reflect in my writing.  In addition to a new look, the voice of my blog will change as the mindset of the writer has changed. I will still write about my faith and share my beauty adventures with you all but I will also share career advice and professional tips that will prayerfully help my readers take their careers to the next level. Over the last year my personal career has taken a dramatic turn and I stepped out on faith, left an industry that had become my comfort zone and ended up on a career path I never saw for myself, but through that process I’ve have fallen in love with my career and my goal is to help other women take their careers to the next level.

Life Update & August Goals

If you stopped by anytime during the last two weeks you may have noticed that I have been a little MIA. Things have been seriously hectic lately, and if I can be completely transparent with you all, I was feeling a little weighed down in my spirit.

Lately, I had been feeling a lot more like Martha than Mary. Now for those of you who don't know the story of Mary and Martha....I imagine Martha was a real go-getter, a type A, no non-sense, get things done kind of woman. One day Jesus and his disciples came to her home. When they arrived Martha was so busy preparing a meal for them and trying to be a good hostess that she lost sight of the fact that she was in the presence of Jesus, she missed the opportunity to simply sit at the feet of the savior and enjoy being in his company.  She got upset with her sister because while Martha was busy in the kitchen her sister Mary sat in the company of Jesus. Martha's heart was in the right place...sorta

The thing is, the Lord isn’t satisfied with “at least” and “sort of.” And He didn’t come to Martha’s house to eat (He is the son of God after all and, as evidenced by an incident with some loaves and fishes, He knows how to get some food if He wants some).

Jesus came to give the one thing that both Mary and Martha needed. (Luke 10:42, NIV)


Lately I had been feeling a lot like Martha, so busy with everything around me that I hadn't been taking time out to spend with my Father. A lot of the heart behind What Saprina Says is to share the love of Christ, inspire, uplift and motivate other woman and that is hard to do that when your heart is heavy. So I had to step away, take a little time to refocus my mind and my heart. And now I am back!

This month I will

Organize the Christmas decor
Write two letters
Find a new internet service provider
Meal prep lunches
Make Nic a dentist appointment
Call my grandmother more
Be intentional on how I spend my time

Instincts by T.D. Jakes (I've been working on this book a long time)

Proverbs 51 along with Nic

Content with now- content with how many things are not getting done, and not be discontent with the state of now... how the floor needs to be swept, or the clothes need to be put away, or the amount of work I have to do... it all fades in the light of who Jesus is, and how short my life is. Worrying about today is not where my heart should be. I want to live in and enjoy today, because tomorrow it will be gone.

What are your goals going into August?

Review: JCat Liptitude Lip Stain

They say a woman's best feature is her smile. Yet it's one part of our face we tend to neglect the most! I myself have been guilty on a regular bases of spending a good amount of time perfecting my foundation, eye, and checks yet walking out the door with nothing more than chap stick on my lips. If I do manage to put color on them you can absolutely forget about any sort of reapplying. When it comes to lip products I am absolutely a one hit wonder. 

So in my June Ipsy bag I received the JCat Beauty Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain. I was so impressed by it that when Ispy emailed me a special offer on four more colors I had to get them!

That's how they get ya isn't it!

As to be expected from my beloved Ipsy the shipping was quick. My set included four  0.42 oz lip stains. This is by far the best lip stain in terms of hydration and pigmentation! The formula reminds me a lot of the NYX lip butters but with way better staying power. As far as the pigmentation goes, there is no comparison it is, vibrant and true to the color when applied.

The formula remind me more of a liquid lipstick rather than a true lip stain. As liquid lip stains are all the talk of the town right now, this is a affordable option that is very pigmented, and applies smoothly with its doe foot applicator which is a huge plus as it is so much less messy. After application it did have a little more pigment than I would have liked but I simply blotted with a tissue after application and it was perfect! Even after drying it still felt soft and hydrating. For people who hate drying liquid lipsticks here is a good alternative.

The best part is the color stays all day! 

I did however find that I need to exfoliate my lips before applying in order to keep the color from adhering to dry patches on my lips.

What are your thoughts on Liptitude? Any other liquid lipsticks that you suggest me to try?

8 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

Oh Instagram! Raise your hand if you’re guilty of scrolling down your Insta feed at least half an hour before getting out of bed in the morning. Since most of us are spending so much time on the app anyway, you can better do it right, no? Many of us stick to following our friends, but Instagram has really grown into something much bigger than just seeing photos of what your best friend had for lunch.  Today I’m sharing my current favorite Instagram accounts you should be following...besides myself, but you should be following me you know!

Heather Lindsey is a mother, wife, minister and author. Her news feed is always filled with positive and uplifting messages and well as photos of her adorable little boy Logan.

Hillary is a fashion blogger with a unique sense of style and all around positive attitude! Her feed is a mix of lifestyle and fashion inspiration.

Looking for daily fashion inspiration, than Melissa is the girl for you. 

The only thing I love more than beauty products is home decor. Brittany is a lifestyle blogger who focus’ on home decor. Her photographs are absolutely stunning and always inspire.

Another blogger with beautiful home inspiration photos!

Even if you didn't like Lauren back in her reality TV show days, you should still try checking out her Instagram! She has everything on there from fashion, beauty, to her adorable dogs, and even DIY tutorials. 

This is a really cool Instagram to follow if you like to be inspired. The feed gives you uplifting, fun and encouraging quotes that look they are handwritten.

@Username_DopeAF Shaun lost 125 pounds and now refers to himself as an "rehabilitated fat boy". He offers amazing tips and recipes via his blog and Instagram feed. I use so many of his recipes for my meal prep. If your trying to watch your weight he is an must follow!
I would love to know what Instagrammers are your favorites?

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Baby Got Bag: Summer Budget Friendly Bags

Baby Got Bag

A new bag with a pop of color is the simplest way to update your outfit for summer.  I compiled a list of my favorite budget friendly summer bags! This list was incredibly hard to narrow down. There are so many amazing bags this season. The world of hobos, crossbody bags, totes, satchels, clutches, and shoulder bags is daunting. But if you're a bag fiend like me, the hunt is equivalent to fueling an addiction. I wanted to share (okay and maybe buy…) everything I came across. However, I hope this list will lead you to one—or more—special finds for Summer 2015!

Review: Regen FX Skin Care

Hello my beauties!

Today i will be talking about one of my favorite care! If I can be completely transparent with you all for a minutes, my skin has always been a major area of insecurity for me. I spent most of my teen years struggling with severe acne. I battled this issue well into my early twenties, and still have the occasional flair ups today. When I am not dealing with an acne flare up I’m battling the hyperpigmentation scarring it left behind. I also have issues with the overall texture of my skin, it’s just not smooth as I would like it to be. 

Needless to say that as an adult when people tell me that I have nice skin it’s always a hard compliment for me to accept. In my mind I still see so many of my skin's imperfections. When I was given the opportunity to work with RegenFX to do a review I jumped at it. 

Now before I get into the review I would like to just give a few tips that I have learned over the years to those of you know are new to skincare on the basics when looking for and trying new products.

Tip 1.
 Identify what you want in a product and choose a product that targets your skin type or problem. Got dry skin? Go for a rich moisturizer. Acne prone? A skin clearing cleanser. Fine lines? An anti-aging line. Uneven skin tone? Make sure the products you're using will address those concerns. 

Tip 2. 
Read the instructions and stick to a routine. All products should either come with an informative leaflet or have directions on the back to maximize the results of the product.  It is important to use these products in the right order (ie, clean your skin, then restore any moisture that was lost, not the other way round) and consistently to see results. Also, you should not expect results on problem areas overnight. Your skin usually takes about a month to regenerate itself so it is usually after this time frame you will start to notice a difference in your skin.  As your skin is constantly changing you need to stick to this routine in order to maximize the effectiveness of any active ingredients.

Tip 3.
Don't be afraid to ask for advice. Usually at skincare/makeup counters there will be someone trained especially in figuring out your skin type and what products would work best with your skin. Another way to picking a product is reading reviews on blogs or websites is an excellent resource. 

Now on to the review!

The skin around your eyes is very thin and it’s the first area of our face that starts to show signs of aging. I turned 30 last year and have since become obsessed with finding a good eye cream. This is a fantastic eye gel! My dark circles are what have improved the most and I am wearing less concealer. 

Really like this product. Works great on my sensitive skin and helped make my skin look healthy  and gives a glow. My skin is super oily so I was a little concerned about using this product but I didn’t experience any excessive oiliness from it. Overall it’s a great product!

The moisturizer was a perfect consistency, it was light enough that it didn't feel heavy on my skin, and I could wear it under my makeup with no problem! I'm completely satisfied. I’m so picky when it comes to moisturizers because I have oily skin, this did not leave a greasy residue on my skin and it hasn't caused any breakouts. As far as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, I haven't noticed that, but I really don't have any noticeable ones prior to using the product.

Overall, I have been using this line for around 2 weeks now and feel like my skin is more hydrated and looking healthier. The biggest difference I can see is in the dark circles around my eyes.  I think this range would benefit anyone looking for a new skincare routine to brighten their complexion with normal to dry skin.

I was sent the RegenFX skin care line in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you RegenFX for sponsoring this post. 

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Why I Wake Up At 5AM

I am by nature a total morning person. My day usually begins at 5AM...generally when I tell people this I am met by blank stares of confusion followed my “why?”

The answer is simply because I enjoy a leisurely morning routine. Actually, the getting dressed process for me happens in thirty minutes or less... Today however I woke up with very little time to get ready. My alarm went off at my usual  5 am and  I kept convincing myself I could sleep for 15 more minutes. Just 15 more…and before I knew it an hour and half had passed.

Generally I am up and ready with plenty of time, you see  I like to give myself an hour for devotion/journaling time in the morning before I go to work. It’s honestly my favorite part of the day. A warm cup of coffee, the quiet stillness of a day that's just getting started, comforting music in my ears, and a pen in hand. No obligations as of yet. No stresses pulling at me. Just me and God.

It’s a very important and peaceful time of day for me. And today, I missed it.

My days never seem quite right when I miss this time. I feel a little bit off, you know?
So, trying to recover this time that I treasure so dearly, I decided to read my devotional on lunch at work. I quickly and distractedly read through today’s devotion,  It was something about hospitality but I read through it so fast, I’m not even sure I could recall any of the specifics for you. But that doesn’t matter. God had to have appreciated my efforts, even if it was only 5 minutes...
As I skimmed over the Bible verses the author assigned for us to read, I suddenly realized that I was not paying attention at all to what I was reading. I was just trying to “get it done” instead of actually learn something. I was too distracted by my emails on the dual screen next to me and the sound of the hustle and bustle of students in the hall outside my office.

Here I am thinking God should be happy I’m trying, when really I’m just insulting Him.

God doesn’t want my half-hearted efforts. He wants my full attention. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or 50 minutes; if I’m just doing it out of obligation and not out of devotion, then I’m missing the point.

What if, what if,  reading the Bible was not about me doing my Christian duty? What if it was about learning and growing and gaining wisdom?

What if I truly believed that the Bible was sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12), could prepare me for my day (2 Timothy 3:16-17), light the way (Psalm 119:105), and give me wisdom and guidance to navigate through life (Joshua 1:8)?

Skimming through the Bible isn’t going to do me any good. I’m cutting myself short by not giving God the time of day to teach me something new and to do some soul-searching, good works within me. Reading the Bible to “feel good” about my Christian walk, to place a check mark next to the box that says “read the Bible daily”, is really just about me being religious. Not necessarily me being in relationship with God.
Which that is what this is, right? A relationship? You know, the kind where you both talk and listen and devote your full attention to each other? God’s doing His part. He’s there with ears attentive to my voice. And He’s ready to talk to me, if I could just stop being so distracted by the things of this world and tune my heart into him.

So maybe I should stop giving Him my efforts and give Him my full attention instead. I think that’s what morning quiet time is all about.